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Spa-at-Home Seaweed Cellulite Body Wrap Kit
Price: $89.95
Sale Price: $76.46
You Save: $13.49 (15 %)
Spa-at-Home Seaweed Cellulite Body Wrap Kit
As Seen on THE RACHAEL RAY SHOW... SARAH loved it! Special seaweed formula helps detoxify, stimulate circulation, and minimize the appearance of "orange-peel" cellulite skin on legs, thighs, stomach, and arms to give a slimmer and more toned appearance.
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LIPO Slimming Gel-12 oz.
Price: $49.95
LIPO Slimming Gel-12 oz.
FIGHT STUBBORN FAT... Formulated from nature and science to fight and help prevent the formation of fat and cellulite. Results appear more impressive with extended use. Ingredient effectiveness is enhanced by a warming and flushing experience.
BODY CONTOURING CLAY-176 oz. (professional use)
Price: $73.95
BODY CONTOURING CLAY-176 oz. (professional use)
Contouring Body Clay-professional size promotes removal of toxic impurities that can cause loose tissue and cellulite. May cause apparent inch loss when used with contouring bandages.

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Wholesale Skin Care Products

Buy Wholesale Skincare for resale and increase retail business. Stock your shelves with quality skincare products from Totally You®. Products your customers will love and return to purchase time and time again. Totally You® whole sale spa products and supplies are cost effective and packaged in sizes that will appeal to your customers. Increase retail business with products you customers are looking for such as: seaweed lotion, seaweed face mask, seaweed soap, sea weed bath clay, cellulite body lotion, natural essential oils, cellulite lotion, firmng lotion, lipo slimming gel along with the many other quality products we offer. Buy wholesale skincare for resale and increase business sales now.
Private Label Cosmetics
With more than twenty-eight years helping customers increase business, Totally You® understands just how important it is to promote your business with private label skincare products. Imagine having your business name and logo on the wholesale skincare products you offer for resell.... It just makes good sense, for the growth of your business, not to offer another companies “over exposed” brands. Private label cosmetics can increase business prestige, exposure, and product exclusivity to help ensure customer loyalty. Set your business apart from the competition when you team up with Totally You® for your private label skincare products. We work with businesses, like yours, everyday offering quality, natural private label products with low quantity minimums, in-house lable printing capabilities, and fast and friendly service. Private label products like whole sale seaweed soap, seaweed face mask, seaweed lotion, seaweed bath clay and more. Looking for promotional products, unique gift ideas, gift basket items, or new business ideas? The possibilities are unlimited with private lable cosmetics.
Wholesale Body Wrap

Add professional body wraps to your spa service menu and offer your client’s effective and popular body wrap treatments. Totally You® body wrap products include packages that offer everything needed to perform 12 to 15 full body wrap treatments or multiple target treatments. All body wrap supplies can be purchased in a package or individually. Our body wrap products are formulated to give the professional the ability to customize treatments for client’s specific needs. A few of the suggested treatments include: detoxifying body wrap, seaweed cellulite body wrap, contour body wrap, inch loss body wraps, slimming and more. Our most popular body wrap products; Sea weed Cellulite Body Wrap and Clay Body Wrap Mask solution are designed specifically for the needs of women and loaded with rich essential minerals and vitamins to help stimulate blood circulation, increase lymphatic movement and help promote slimming, detoxification, firming, and cellulite reduction. For obvious reasons, you will find our seaweed cellulite body wrap, clay body wrap solution, detoxifying body wrap, and contour body wrap will become your spa’s most popular treatments.


Body Wrap Supplies

Totally You® offers  body wrap supplies and clay body wrap solution for most of your spa services: body wrap bandages for slimming and contour body wrap treatments; mylar blankets / spa thermal blanket for most other spa treatments; natural essential oils to customize treatments; home body wrap kits for resell; and many additional body wrap supplies which are available on our web site. Contact us for ideas on how to increase your menu of services.

At Home Body Wrap
Enjoy popular spa services in the privacy of your home. Home body wrap kits include everything needed to create a do it yourself body wrap experience. Enjoy a detoxifying body wrap, contour body wrap, seaweed cellulite body wrap, or clay body wrap solution with our easy-to-follow instructions and body wrap supplies which are included in all our at home body wrap kits. Comptetivite pricing and quality products make us the right choice when it comes to bringing the Spa to Your Home. Explore our web site or contact Totally You® now for more information on a do it yourself body wrap.
Skin Care Gifts
Looking for unique gifts? Totally You® has just what you need. We offer special gift ideas for all occasions: holiday gifts, birthday gifts, company gifts, wedding gifts and more – just about any occasion you can think of. Our unique gifts are attractively packaged so they can be sent direct to that special someone. Browse through the skin care gifts section of our web site or call Totally You® for additional gift ideas and information. Don’t forget to ask about our special packaging for: wedding gifts, company gifts, holiday gifts, or birthday gifts.




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