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Spa-at-Home Seaweed Cellulite Body Wrap Kit

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Item Number: SAH-4500
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SARAH on "human lab" segment of THE RACHAEL RAY SHOW loved this product!!  
Item featured on March 18th, 2010.
Designed with women in mind!  Enjoy the benefits of an exclusive, Spa Cellulite-Slimming-Firming treatment in the privacy of your own homeOne of the best kept spa secrets, utilizes effective and natural ingredients such as Laminaria digitata (seaweed), selected plant extracts, mineral-rich clay, and vitamins.  This Seaweed formula works to detoxify, oxygenate, and stimulate the blood circulation to aid in the elimination of waste, improving the skin tone and helping to minimize the appearance of the “orange-peel” cellulite skin.  One treatment and your skin will look and feel smoother, tighter and more hydrated.  
With all the advantages of seaweed, you won't mind the rich, organic smell.  In other words, good seaweed stinks - and Ours STINKS!
Your Spa-at-Home Kit contains everything needed for 2 -3 full-body wraps, or 4 -5 target wraps. Plus enough supplies for daily maintenance.
    (1)   SEAWEED SPA CLAY - 38 oz.
    (2)   wrap-up in Spa-at-Home THERMOTHERAPY BLANKET
    (1)   cellulite FIRMING LOTION - 12 oz. 
    (1)   BODY MISTIQUE hydrating spray - 5 oz.
    (1)   SEAWEED CELLULITE SOAP - 5.5 oz.
    (1)   exfoliating LOOFAH PAD
           Easy to follow INSTRUCTIONS

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