Cellulite Firming Lotion (128 oz Professional Size)

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A powerful firming and toning body lotion designed specifically for women and packed with active ingredients to help correct the imperfections of cellulite.   Provides intense hydration to the skin while assisting with the elimination of fat deposits and waste material which contribute to cellulite formation.


The perfect finale' for any professional body treatment.  To provide luxurious moisture and essential nourishment, massage thoroughly into skin, spending ample time massaging those cellulite prone areas. 


  • Active ingredients:  carnitine, hydroxycitrate, caffeine, centella asiatica extract, algae extract
  • Formulated for:  all body types with cellulite and loose tissue
  • Product Description:  a rich body cream
  • Performance:  firms, hydrates, and tightens
  • Benefits:  improves texture and smoothness of skin