Seaweed Body Soap (5.5 oz Size)

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Private Label SEAWEED BODY SOAP - 5.5 oz.

Your customers will experience the exotic feel and smell of paradise as they bathe. Enriched with natural Seaweed and Vitamin E with special massage nubs to increase circulation for healthier, toned skin.   

Product description:  5.5 ounces soap bar, round, with massage nubs. 


Suggested Retail:  $6.55

·         Packaged in clear shrink wrap.

·         Formulated for:  all skin types

·         Performance:  cleanses and tones

·         Active ingredients:  seaweed, vitamin e, glycerin


20% labor charge for orders canceled after labels have been created.

Orders may not be canceled after approved labels have been applied to containers.

Private Label orders may not be returned unless product is found to be defective or damaged at time of receipt.