Multi-Purpose Body Masque Clay (176 oz Professional Size)

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An exclusive spa formula.  The professional's approach to full-body skin care treatments. This versatile body clay, allows you the ability to customize your professional treatment to fit the needs of each and every client, eliminating the hassle of inventorying various products. Used in spas worldwide, and developed for all skin types and fragrance free, this all-natural Body Masque leaves skin feeling smooth, re-mineralized, and rejuvenated as it helps to restore elasticity and firmness for healthier and more toned skin. 

BODY MASQUE is the one product that will work for most of your spa services.


Suggested professional spa treatments utilizing Body Masque: 

Massage, Detoxification, Cellulite, Purifying, Exfoliation, Facials, Manicures and Pedicures, or create your own spa treatment.

  • Active ingredients: clay, magnesium, zinc oxide and other essential trace elements
  • Formulated for: all skin types
  • Product description: a rich, creamy emollient clay
  • Performance: re-mineralizes, stimulates lymphatic drainage, and increases circulation
  • Benefits: nourishes, detoxifies, and improves texture